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  • Hence only by cleansing our soul by our own actions can we help ourselves.
  • They first met inside the ruins while she is under her cleansing ceremony.
  • The first political cleansing was the lay-off of the air safety police and the reserve police.
  • The woman goes through a process of cleansing her home and body through African traditions.
  • Lee said his company will never again get involved in cleansing voting rolls.
  • Once the cleansing process is complete the must is left to cool.
  • During the war, this division was involved in ethnic cleansing of this area.
  • All the while, they never know that the cleansing almost totally failed.
  • In extreme cases ethnic cleansing may result if the relationship between different groups is so strongly negative.
  • After cleansing, a data set will be consistent with other similar data sets in the system.
  • The data cleansing process is usually based on knowledge gained by individuals directly involved with the data acquisition.
  • Cleansing must be done gently and while the eyes are closed to prevent eye injuries.
  • Meaning, the oil is mixed with water and that a cleansing process must take place in order to use the oil once again.
  • Since many families did not have practical means to clean themselves or their clothes, public cleansing stations were established for their use.
  • Also, they provide a mechanism for teeth to be more self cleansing.
  • The king then set himself to the task of cleansing the land from idolatry.
  • Also data enhancement, where data is made more complete by adding related information, is a common data cleansing practice.
  • Sea water was believed to have a cleansing effect.
  • Two years later, the band signed to Century Media and released their debut full-length album The Cleansing.
  • Many Muslim citizens were forced away from their homes in a process of ethnic cleansing.
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Root form of cleansing is cleanse for the verb.

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Meaning of cleansing

  • verb Clean one's body or parts thereof, as by washing
    clean up before you see your grandparents, clean your fingernails before dinner
  • verb Purge of an ideology, bad thoughts, or sins
    Purgatory is supposed to cleanse you from your sins