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  • These students will also be living in the same house as their classmates.
  • They were classmates during those three years and that is how their association started.
  • He was so taken with it that he formed his own band with some classmates.
  • Older than many of his classmates, he failed his first year and was sent home.
  • It has become especially popular with first-year students as a way to meet their classmates.
  • He ran home every day and tried to remove them before his classmates could see.
  • She formed a band with her classmates and performed in the school festival.
  • She spent most of her time thinking on how to get back at her classmates without being caught.
  • The classmates quickly become fast friends, and two soon fall in love.
  • Many of his classmates took no interest in him, and some even laughed.
  • Group Leaders provide immediate help to their classmates if they do not understand something.
  • But in the eyes of his beautiful classmate he may as well not exist.
  • In the games, she becomes one of his new classmates when he moves.
  • Classmates remembered him as a quiet student who never got into trouble.
  • The passing of his classmate's mother inspired him to write this song.
  • The passing of his classmate's mother inspired him to write this song.
  • Though he was a year younger than his classmates, he received good grades.
  • As a child she became interested in writing stories which she shared with her classmates.
  • However, not all the girl characters are classmates of the main character.
  • He is otherwise laid-back and friendly, and a good friend to all his classmates.
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