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  • A classically trained singer, she was able to perform only three popular songs.
  • Instead, he went on to study music at a higher level and is now classically trained.
  • Even those who have been commissioned are often not done by classically trained artists.
  • Half the members were classically trained, the rest had years of experience in other rock bands.
  • All of her family have been classically trained artists as well.
  • Although classically trained, she has followed a career in alternative pop music.
  • Peace was classically trained at piano since she was six years old, and later learned guitar.
  • He is also a classically trained actor and has appeared in Law & Order.
  • He comes from a musical family and was classically trained on piano from an early age.
  • Classically we can say that a system with a large reduced mass has a long orbital period.
  • The central campus includes of trees, plants, and classically designed buildings.
  • She started playing piano at just two years of age, and was subsequently classically trained from the age of three.
  • He began playing piano at age four and is classically trained.
  • Originally classically trained, he joined various big bands while still living in Czechoslovakia.
  • The most important example is the second fundamental form, defined classically as follows.
  • A classically trained musician, he began playing piano at the age of eight.
  • Members of the band were classically trained and influenced by jazz and rock music.
  • For example, external fields will be constant, or when changing will be classically described.
  • His parents made sure he was classically trained, first at home and then at a conservatory.
  • He is also a model and a classically trained theatre actor.
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Meaning of classically

  • adverb In the manner of greek and roman culture
    this exercise develops a classically shaped body