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  • Info CLARITY (Clear, Lipid-exchanged, Acrylamide-hybridized Rigid, Imaging/immunostaining compatible, Tissue hYdrogel) is a method of making brain tissue transparent using acrylamide and hydrogel electrophoresis. more...
  • You can hear the clarity of my thinking and of my speech on that album.
  • Yet what brings them together, what gives their world clarity, is art.
  • He can see farther, and with much greater clarity, than a normal human.
  • However, traditional titles will be used here for the purpose of clarity.
  • The label is only present for clarity of where the program ends, it does not serve any other purpose.
  • Since the purpose of technical writing is practical rather than creative, its most important quality is clarity.
  • Clarity is important over years of schooling and when team teaching is involved.
  • He always maintained his clarity of vision and focus in all these matters, which were close to his heart.
  • These are made of thin glass, with more care being taken regarding their optical clarity.
  • Additional clarity can be added between steps B and C in order to provide a complete information architecture.
  • For clarity the table is shown above as being built of strings of increasing length.
  • The leading judge explained the court decision which was based on the over-riding importance of legal clarity.
  • This change was made in response to a growing number of diamonds of very low clarity being cut.
  • Such lack of clarity can serve to lead policy away from what is believed to be the most beneficial.
  • However, there is little clarity or consensus about what reform might mean in practice.
  • He can see with perfect clarity at greater distances than an ordinary human, even in near-total darkness.
  • Here also, the table shows long vowel letters only in isolated form for clarity.
  • The lake is, has a maximum depth of and has a water clarity.
  • However, it has the advantage of clarity, particularly for less-skilled players or players learning the game.
  • For clarity, in foreign languages Hungarian names are usually represented in the western name order.
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Meaning of clarity

  • noun Free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression