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  • He clapped his felt hat to his head and started toward the door. Cited from The Winning Clue, by James Hay, Jr.
  • Together they came our way, and the tall man clapped his hand twice. Cited from The Black Wolf's Breed, by Harris Dickson
  • At the same time he clapped his hand to his head and it came back red. Cited from The Free Rangers, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • Every one clapped his or her hands when he finished and made his bow. Cited from Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Keeping Store, by Laura Lee Hope
  • Happy thoughts about nothing in particular made her smile and clap her hands. Cited from Little Folks Astray, by Sophia May (Rebecca Sophia Clarke)
  • She clapped her hands quickly, immediately again taking up her work so as to continue it. Cited from Nocturne, by Frank Swinnerton
  • They were all three ready to clap their hands for joy upon it. Cited from Clarissa, Volume 5 (of 9), by Samuel Richardson
  • For fear that he would be captured he clapped it into his mouth. Cited from A Man for the Ages, by Irving Bacheller
  • She clapped her hands at this, just as a very little girl might have done. Cited from The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary, by Anne Warner
  • Next he sat down on the animal again and clapped his hands. Cited from The Pride of Palomar, by Peter B. Kyne
  • I asked her, if she heard a sound when she clapped her hand upon her knee? Cited from The Best Ghost Stories, by Various
  • She said Claps had told her she would be back in half an hour.
  • He went on until the operation was performed, when he clapped the end into his mouth. Cited from The Three Admirals, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • I don't see what she's done to clap their hands about, myself! Cited from Punch, Vol. 103, October 8, 1892, ed. by Sir Francis Burnand
  • Her hands went up as if she would have clapped them. Cited from Fort Amity, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • He was said to be able to judge a hall quickly just by clapping his hands.
  • Then of a sudden he remembered and clapped both hands over his mouth. Cited from Mother West Wind's Children, by Thornton W. Burgess
  • She clapped her hands and laughed like a child as she turned to me. Cited from 54-40 or Fight, by Emerson Hough
  • They clapped their hands and made him dance again and again. Cited from The Child's World, by Hetty Browne, Sarah Withers, & W.K. Tate
  • The fellow clapped his hand to his face, but continued to run. Cited from Eveline Mandeville, by Alvin Addison
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Meaning of clap

  • verb Put quickly or forcibly
    The judge clapped him in jail
  • verb Cause to strike the air in flight
    The big bird clapped its wings
  • verb Clap one's hands together
    The children were clapping to the music
  • verb Strike the air in flight
    the wings of the birds clapped loudly
  • verb Strike with the flat of the hand; usually in a friendly way, as in encouragement or greeting
  • verb Strike together so as to produce a sharp percussive noise
    clap two boards together