city councilman

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  • He later became a city councilman and ran for his state-level office in 2012.
  • During part of this time, he still served as a city councilman in Leipzig.
  • He was elected via a run-off election in 2005 after a long term as a city councilman.
  • He served two four-year terms as City Councilman.
  • Gillette ran for re-election of city councilman and was re-elected.
  • He became a city councilman in San Vicente, where he owned considerable rural property.
  • Finkbeiner served eight years as a city councilman and two years as deputy mayor.
  • Later in life, he was elected as a Los Angeles City councilman.
  • In addition to being involved as a city councilman, Looby was also involved in his church.
  • The last thing any community leader, city councilmen or women, or city manager wants to see is an uneducated community.
  • He served as county engineer, city engineer, city councilman, and mayor.
  • Lewis M. Lowe was elected as the first black city councilman ten years later.
  • He was a mentor of mine as I served with him while I was city councilman at large.
  • Wright was an at-large city councilman for six years, and was chair of the city's building authority for six years.
  • He was previously a city councilman in Fresno and played professional basketball in Europe.
  • One of his major accomplishments as a city councilman was securing funds for community facilities in his district.
  • His political career included six years of service as a Spanish Fork city councilman and two terms as a state senator.
  • His grandfather was the burgomaster, while his father was a city councilman.
  • During the meeting, Mayor Hoskins ordered police to remove individuals, including a city councilman.
  • The episode marked the first appearance of David Cross as a city councilman who becomes enemies with Claire.
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