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  • Subsequently he placed the entire citizenry under arms and arranged for their training.
  • The citizenry was granted the right only to be tried in their own town.
  • For years, the local citizenry had spoken of building a new opera house.
  • Ultimately, however, the citizenry drove all members of the black race out of town.
  • Huge number of the citizenry has had some time prison past.
  • As a result the citizenry are anxious to see him put to death.
  • It also provides a stronger free market system so that the citizenry have more opportunity for real success.
  • The municipal council is elected for a period of five years by the citizenry.
  • Her plays were often concerned with a theme of liberty within the areas of marriage and citizenry.
  • As such, a social order achieved through formal laws does not come with the additional benefit of better citizenry.
  • The term was later generally used to identify the citizenry of the municipality.
  • The City Council is composed of a mayor and six at-large council members elected by the citizenry.
  • The mayor, who is directly elected by the citizenry every six years, chairs the executive.
  • The general citizenry of both parties, however, accepted the results.
  • Since the 14th century, the council considered themselves as representatives of the citizenry.
  • For a time he was a member of the Citizens-Party of the Citizenry political party.
  • According to one view, the citizenry was "its own master".
  • Money for the original small brick building was provided largely by public subscription from the citizenry.
  • Systems with de facto second-class citizenry are generally regarded as violating human rights.
  • After which he went mad and fought with his weapons and magic, killing many of the citizenry.
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Meaning of citizenry

  • noun The body of citizens of a state or country
    the Spanish people