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  • The citadel was destroyed and no more structures were built on the site.
  • Citadel further improved the user experience in the area of command and control.
  • Citadels are placed between the players at the start of the game.
  • The majority of books in the library came directly from the Citadel's royal collection.
  • The planning and architecture of the citadel are thought out from different points of view.
  • Most of the models created by Citadel require some form of construction after purchase.
  • It is in truth more of a castle, or citadel, than a palace.
  • It took us some six hours before we reached our destination, which was one of those natural rock citadels. Cited from Among Malay Pirates, by G. A. Henty
  • In this period the citadel was again rebuilt and more or less received its present day looks.
  • The safe room on a ship is also called a citadel.
  • The citadel is composed of different buildings all related to defence or representative housing.
  • The main settlement on the citadel underwent several changes during its existence.
  • The city is divided into two parts, the so-called Citadel and the Lower City.
  • The north wall of the Northern Citadel had already been found.
  • Outside the city proper is a citadel and the royal palace.
  • The citadel has also been used as a fortress during both World Wars.
  • Though it can now be called a ruined citadel there is much more to this huge fort.
  • The large brick and stone wall of the citadel is on the eastern edge of this garden.
  • Strong citadels were also built other in areas of Africa.
  • A citadel is also a term of the third part of a medieval castle, with higher walls than the rest.
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