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  • His brief time there was cut short late July by more problems with cirrhosis.
  • There are some changes seen in cirrhosis whose causes are not clearly known.
  • She eventually lost her voice due to alcohol and died of cirrhosis.
  • A week later, the official cause of death was announced as alcohol-related cirrhosis.
  • Her death was later determined to be caused by cirrhosis.
  • This is the most common form of cirrhosis in the U.S.
  • However, they may be present as symptoms of another more serious disorder, such as cirrhosis.
  • It may take the form of any of the complications of cirrhosis listed below.
  • All can cause cirrhosis at a young age.
  • Despite his heavy drinking his liver showed no sign of cirrhosis.
  • One monkey died of old age while the other died from hepatic cirrhosis.
  • She also suffered from Laennec's Cirrhosis in her final five years of life.
  • Likewise, the absence of any does not rule out the possibility of cirrhosis.
  • These cells are then replaced with scar tissue, leading to the condition called cirrhosis.
  • Such activities are more often found with primary biliary cirrhosis.
  • His death certificate gives "cirrhosis" as the major cause of death.
  • His cause of death is not exactly known but it is thought to be tuberculosis or cirrhosis.
  • In 1937, she became ill with cirrhosis and died the following year.
  • The cause of death was later reported as cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol.
  • It has been shown to increase the risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver and multiple forms of cancer.
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Meaning of cirrhosis

  • noun A chronic disease interfering with the normal functioning of the liver; the major cause is chronic alcoholism