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  • Circadian advantage is much more of an issue in sports that feature significant international travel.
  • Electric light in the evening delayed their circadian phase; these results became well known.
  • Late afternoon is suggested to be the best time to visit because of the daily Circadian flight.
  • These studies together have shown how complex the aging process is in the circadian system.
  • People with normal circadian systems can generally fall asleep quickly at night if they slept too little the night before.
  • As the magnitude of time zone differences between two teams becomes smaller, so too does circadian advantage.
  • The circadian system is one of the first systems to be damaged in AD.
  • Light's effect on the circadian rhythms of all or most animals has been well documented.
  • Before the mid-1980s, it was believed that only eukaryotes had circadian systems.
  • Studies have also shown that light has a direct effect on human health because of the way it influences the circadian rhythms.
  • Daylight is an ideal light source because it provides high circadian stimulation during the day.
  • It provides the main control of the circadian rhythms for sleep, body temperature and other functions.
  • Circadian received extremely positive reviews from underground press in North America.
  • Many animals depend on such a clock to maintain their circadian rhythm.
  • Circadian advantage is most significant when a team holds a 3-hour advantage (or more) over another.
  • Therefore, a cell's circadian clock may play a large role in its likelihood of developing into a cancer cell.
  • These mice had a circadian period almost 2 hours shorter than wild-type animals.
  • The cholinergic system allows the circadian system to have the cycle of one day.
  • Time cues keep the normal human circadian clock aligned with the rest of the world.
  • Recent research on cycle has largely focused on the role of circadian rhythmicity in other processes.
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Meaning of circadian

  • adjective Of or relating to biological processes occurring at 24-hour intervals
    circadian rhythms