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  • He later became involved in a power struggle with the board and his son, circa 1969.
  • The region was first settled circa 1827, but the town was not settled until about ten years later.
  • The next major international airport is Frankfurt Airport, circa to the south-west.
  • Several community radio stations in regional areas began re-broadcasting the John Laws show circa 2000.
  • Although the school closed circa 1945, many of the historic girls's school buildings survive today.
  • The line was freight-only, the last passenger local having come off circa 1950.
  • The town centre lies at circa above sea level although the surrounding hills - Bailey Hill the highest - rise to above sea level.
  • Circa 2152, the council discovered that humans were going to destroy them in four hundred years.
  • The title was for life only and became extinct on her death in circa 1708.
  • Through his Paris business circa 1828 he produced a variety of crayon and color related products.
  • A larger building was built on the same site circa 1120.
  • Small village Chinese schools were observed by the British missionaries when they arrived circa 1843.
  • Circa is widely used in genealogy and historical writing when the dates of events are not accurately known.
  • The tree is on the corner near the original Anderson home built circa 1850's.
  • It dates to the thirteenth century, perhaps being created circa 1223, though other sources give different dates.
  • The airport continued to operate as a civil airport until circa 1985.
  • The current structure was built circa 1400 but there are elements that remain of the original 12th century building.
  • The father of these three sons was born circa 1495.
  • Brazil High School replaced the original high school, built circa 1906.
  • It was subsequently adapted as a play circa 1948, a feature film, a television series, and a live television movie.
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