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  • I sat down again and killed my cigarette and took a deep breath.
  • The previous cigarette would be used to light the next one.
  • They reached their hands out between the bars and asked for cigarettes or money.
  • He gave up cigarettes for the last three years of his sentence.
  • Losing all interest, she sends him away after giving him the cigarette for free.
  • He cannot light his own cigarette and is forgetting one day out of seven.
  • One of his friends bought cigarettes for his brother and him.
  • The plant has a production capacity of some five billion cigarettes a year.
  • After his death, she hoped the smoke from her cigarettes would meet him in the other world.
  • He gave it up and had criticized cigarette companies even before that.
  • They invited him in for a drink, and after leaving, he went back for his cigarette case.
  • However the companies that made these cigarettes fought hard to keep the public buying their products.
  • He apparently went to sleep in the living room while holding a lit cigarette.
  • He then takes his first puff of a cigarette in a long while.
  • Foxxy also has father issues; he left for cigarettes when she was three years old.
  • Players in annual championships began to receive their own cigarette cards.
  • New, modern equipment was provided intended to meet new technologies in the production of cigarettes.
  • Early production began in a factory with twenty young ladies who hand-rolled the cigarettes.
  • The money was used to purchase goods such as cigarettes from the prison store.
  • Bridge finished rolling a brown paper cigarette before he spoke. Cited from The Mucker, by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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  • noun Finely ground tobacco wrapped in paper; for smoking