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  • At the time the company made only a few thousand cigars a year.
  • My character will smoke a cigar, even if you don't like it.
  • He is also frequently seen in his studio smoking a cigar during his show.
  • His father was quite well to do and owned a cigar factory.
  • He said he did not have cancer and has given up cigars.
  • He loves cigars, and usually has at least four beautiful women at his side.
  • During their shows, she would often shoot cigars out of her husband's mouth.
  • Prior to the beginning of the Civil War, he established his own cigar-making business.
  • Her father always smoked his after-dinner cigar in a little room just off the library. Cited from The Conflict, by David Graham Phillips
  • He worked for three years in his father's cigar factory.
  • I made my bow to the old gentleman, and gave him the cigars. Cited from Peter Simple, by Frederick Marryat
  • It appears cigar-shaped because we see it almost edge-on.
  • K goes and is forced to put a cigar in his mouth.
  • He threw away his half-smoked cigar and went back to the chair car. Cited from The Rules of the Game, by Stewart Edward White
  • The Gold Medal has since become a regular production cigar again.
  • The company makes a total of four million cigars per day and ships to all fifty states and forty seven countries.
  • Therefore it does not follow that any guest can smoke a cigar inside the Hotel.
  • He reached in his pocket, pulled forth two cigars and handed one to each. Cited from In Happy Valley, by John Fox
  • Most of the large brick cigar factory buildings still stand, but none are still used for their original purpose.
  • A device made from metal, about the same size as a cigar.
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Meaning of cigar

  • noun A roll of tobacco for smoking