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  • In recent years, a new type called ice cider has been sold.
  • The cider houses are only open for a few months of the year.
  • Notable in this region is the production of several different types of cider.
  • I'd get up, drink cider and top up during the day.
  • Recent years have seen a significant increase in cider sales in the UK.
  • It is only in recent years that interest has been completely revived in hard cider.
  • The entire area is involved in the making of hard apple cider as well.
  • Cider has been made in Australia since its early settlement.
  • The ground floor features a rare, round, stone and wood cider mill.
  • No one seems to know when White Star cider was first sold to the UK public.
  • The men stopped about once an hour to smoke, drink cider, or rest. Cited from Shawl-Straps, by Louisa M. Alcott
  • That we may have cider when we come again.
  • Central Europe also has it own particular types of cider.
  • With the growth in interest in cider, the number of local producers has increased.
  • Cider is made in several countries and can be made from any apples.
  • A later owner was able to use the remaining facilities as a cider mill until almost the middle of the century.
  • The building continued to function as a cider house into the middle of the twentieth century.
  • Each guest may drink as much cider as they like.
  • At this point, it was the world's largest producer of cider.
  • The 18th century saw the development of an apple growing and cider production industry.
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  • noun A beverage made from juice pressed from apples