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  • The earth turned up in chunks as large as a man's body. Cited from Culinary Herbs: Cultivation, Harvesting, Curing and Uses, by M. G. Kains
  • For a distance of two feet it broke off in chunks, then became more firm. Cited from The Gold Hunters, by James Oliver Curwood
  • This type sometimes appears to have been broken apart from a larger chunk.
  • Large chunks of rock are taken off and the basic shape is formed.
  • Each chunk is designed by hand and may be composed of multiple rooms.
  • Towards the end of February the band was announced as support for Chunk!
  • After a time she turns back again, to find the silver has turned into a chunk of iron.
  • Brown carried on after the fire was put out; he had however lost a few chunks of hair.
  • The law and order forms the major chunk of state force's personnel.
  • By putting the chunks together, a new fire was set a-going without fresh wood. Cited from The Hoosier Schoolmaster, by Edward Eggleston
  • Within the next ten years, these projects formed a major chunk of Centre's activities.
  • It seemed to be coming up through the floor and rolling about in chunks all round his bed. Cited from The Girl on the Boat, by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
  • Another chunk of text is then taken and the above mentioned steps are being repeated.
  • This was because previously, each great family ruled a large chunk of land and each had their own king.
  • Throughout his first year at the club, several injury problems meant he missed small chunks of the season.
  • Each file to be distributed is divided into small information chunks called pieces.
  • Many of the original cast took a large chunk of their annual leave and returned to take up their original roles.
  • What I need is a little rest from chunks of lead. Cited from The Pony Rider Boys with the Texas Rangers, by Frank Gee Patchin
  • Another significant chunk of the cost went into the Blue Line light rail extension.
  • We want publicity on this case -- all you can hand out big chunks of it. Cited from Midnight, by Octavus Roy Cohen
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Meaning of chunk

  • noun A substantial amount
    we won a chunk of money