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  • Therefore these province names go chronologically, i.e. when they became a province.
  • The game chronologically continues two months after where the first game ended.
  • But in following the progress of the war we must take them chronologically. Cited from The War With the United States, by William Wood
  • The list is organized chronologically by year of release, rather than year of production.
  • The development of the different facilities will be described chronologically in the following section.
  • However while this does fit chronologically, there is no other evidence to support it.
  • The movie is told with past and present cut up and mixed together, rather than chronologically.
  • The story in this style is told chronologically in a cause and effect relationship.
  • His work should be studied chronologically to discover these changes in interest and relationship. Cited from Contemporary American Literature, John Matthews Manly and Edith Rickert
  • While events are listed in year order, they are not listed chronologically within the same year.
  • He is considered the better and chronologically somewhat earlier representative of the group.
  • But chronologically it comes into the story at this point, and so may as well be immediately told. Cited from Ensign Knightley and Other Stories, by A. E. W. Mason
  • It is the fourth book of the series released but it is first chronologically.
  • The following is a list of the full score used in the film ordered from when they chronologically appear.
  • The album is separated into four sections named chronologically after the seasons starting with spring.
  • Schools are listed chronologically by the date in which they opened their doors to students.
  • This was the book published fifth, but the book's events are chronologically third.
  • The films within each set are ordered chronologically by original theatrical or television release date.
  • He usually shot his films chronologically, and often shot scenes during the time of day in which they took place.
  • The following examples are listed chronologically by publication or original air date, when known.
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Meaning of chronologically

  • adverb With respect to chronology
    he is chronologically older