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  • More than likely, it is related to some other chromosomal property or function.
  • Large chromosomal abnormalities always produce effects on many different body parts and organ systems.
  • Different chromosomal data types seem to work better or worse for different specific problem domains.
  • The species status has been confirmed with other chromosomal studies and morphometric studies.
  • Their clone however does not necessarily have the same chromosomal set as their mother.
  • Resistance to these antibiotics has developed over the years with chromosomal resistance being the primary mechanism.
  • However, gene expression programming also explores other chromosomal organizations that are more complex than the head/tail structure.
  • The data in his book shows the different genetic mutations and chromosomal changes that were observed.
  • However, since many of these individuals also had other chromosomal imbalances, symptoms varied widely.
  • This syndrome has a large range of outcomes depending on how much chromosomal material is involved.
  • He was particularly interested in chromosomal and ecological races of plant species.
  • His goal was to develop a modified technique for performing chromosomal analysis.
  • In general, nondisjunction can occur in any form of cell division that involves ordered distribution of chromosomal material.
  • FISH is the most commonly applied method to determine the chromosomal constitution of an embryo.
  • This suggested that Africa was the most likely home of Y-chromosomal Adam.
  • No genes have been identified yet but genetic linkage has been established with several chromosomal regions.
  • Several risk factors and chromosomal abnormalities have been identified, but the specific cause is not clear.
  • A woman's risk of having a baby with chromosomal abnormalities increases with her age.
  • Cytological changes and chromosomal aberrations were seen in both flight-fixed and ground-fixed flight cells.
  • Chromosomal aberrations have been found in other studies and a possible elevation of female infertility has been reported.
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Meaning of chromosomal

  • adjective Of or relating to a chromosome
    chromosomal defect