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  • No songs from her debut album Changer les Choses were included on the album.
  • The lady in purple delibratley choses to dance with men who don't speak English.
  • There cannot be an action in conversion for choses in action or mere debt.
  • Lisandro seemed to either not remember what happened between them or choses to ignore it.
  • He has written a book of poetry and lyrics, called Les choses les plus simples.
  • Le parti pris des choses has been translated into English many times.
  • Robert tries to win back his former love, Anna, but she choses to reunite with Duke.
  • Neither can it be used to garnish choses in action.
  • Cette Disposition derive de la nature des choses et de la difference des climats. Cited from Oeuvres de Napoleon Bonaparte, Tome III, by Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Pour le moment considerons-le dans les choses d'art. Cited from Etudes Litteraires - XVIIIe siecle, by Emile Faguet
  • Il n'etait pas possible de voir beaucoup de choses a ce moment. Cited from La grande ombre, by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • The Judicature Acts made the distinction between legal and equitable choses in action of no importance.
  • In some jurisdictions intangible property are referred to as choses in action.
  • C'etait le bel air des choses en ce temps-la. Cited from Etudes Litteraires - XVIIIe siecle, by Emile Faguet
  • Each party choses a marker, but he withdraws when he pleases, which never happens but when he loses. Cited from Traditions of the North American Indians, Vol. 2 (of 3), by J. A. Jones
  • Les choses en general se composent de matiere et de forme. Cited from Abelard, Tome II, by Charles de Remusat
  • The assignment of choses in action is generally permitted, and is in most states regulated by statute.
  • For example, North Carolina has statutes that make it a crime to steal choses in action, growing crops and so on.
  • Pour toutes choses, il y a un beau moment, c'est le commencement. Cited from Correspondance, Vol. 1, 1812-1876, by George Sand
  • L'etude des choses de fond, c'est la condition de l'ecrivain futur. Cited from George Sand, by Elme Caro
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