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  • He was probably the first dance choreographer to have such wide influence.
  • He continues to perform in various local shows and events and is sought after by local choreographers.
  • Mary was known primarily as the choreographer on the team rather than as a technical coach.
  • She has also created roles for and worked with many contemporary choreographers.
  • Since then she has been one of the few Austrian female choreographers with their own company.
  • It has presented -- every two to four years -- work by new choreographers.
  • She has worked also as a theatre director, choreographer, actor and teacher.
  • He has for thirty years been a highly esteemed choreographer throughout the world.
  • In the subsequent years, he worked with a number of choreographers in contemporary dance.
  • He has also been a martial arts and action director/choreographer.
  • She quickly established herself as a successful teacher and choreographer.
  • Two major shows are produced each year, with professional designers, musical director and choreographer on staff.
  • In addition, he has served as a football consultant or football choreographer for other television series and films.
  • She worked actively to advance his career and encouraged his work as a choreographer.
  • In both these films he had non-speaking dancing roles and acted as choreographer.
  • He encouraged local choreographers, who went on to create prominent works that won international acclaim.
  • Famous companies and choreographers from all over the world have come to Israel to perform and give master classes.
  • He left the choreographer to pay for the meal, saying he had forgotten to bring enough money.
  • The fight scenes between him and the Japanese again showed his excellence as an action choreographer.
  • The Place Prize is open to all UK-based choreographers working in contemporary dance.
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Meaning of choreographer

  • noun Someone who creates new dances