choral singing

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  • She has won national and international prizes in the field of choral singing.
  • Every teacher should form a little class in sight reading and choral singing, made up of all his pupils. Cited from The Psychology of Singing, by David C. Taylor
  • For many younger boys who audition, this is their first experience with choral singing.
  • There has been a long tradition of choral singing at the Sacred Heart.
  • The orchestra has greatly developed, choral singing is common in all countries, and the spirit of the times has changed. Cited from Voice Production in Singing and Speaking, by Wesley Mills
  • However, the beginning of a Norwegian tradition of choral singing itself takes place during the 19th century.
  • Solo and choral singing were to be taught with special regard to dramatic expression. Cited from Frederick Chopin (Complete), Frederick Niecks
  • After high school, she attended Selma University and received training in classical music and choral singing.
  • She also taught choral singing and contributed articles to professional journals.
  • Other such traditions still held on to are traditional Italian dancing and choral singing, often seen during such festivals.
  • It offers a variety of music and drama including choral singing and mime.
  • The performance included choral singing and dance numbers.
  • He was a gifted child in a family of limited means, and showed an early musical talent in choral singing.
  • In the evening, when their father came home from the shop, there was choral singing or a duet. Cited from Letters of Anton Chekhov, by Anton Chekhov
  • It was a well-known centre of Christian beliefs and practices with a strong tradition of choral singing.
  • Downey is also notable for its strong tradition in choral singing.
  • The groups often benefit from the talent of non-music majors who have significant experience with music, choral singing, or both.
  • Condition for the award is care of choral singing in serious and successful musical work and artistic and educational achievements within the local conditions.
  • The programme shall create insightful leadership committed to the social values of choral singing.
  • The latter (referred to as "la-based minor") is sometimes preferred in choral singing, especially with children.
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