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  • Songs with more than one voice to a part are considered choral works.
  • Members must have graduated from a music program or have significant choral experience.
  • The week includes choral training, music theory, and a tour bus and media event.
  • His work list also includes solo works as well as vocal and choral music.
  • Chorals is one of the first key college events in the year.
  • He wrote mainly choral music, as well as some church music and music for the orchestra.
  • She has also written a small number of choral works and song cycles.
  • The Department of Music has long been known for its choral organizations.
  • Massenet composed many other smaller-scale choral works, and more than two hundred songs.
  • For his first festival he was commissioned to write a sacred choral work.
  • Chorals is a house singing competition where each house forms their own choir from any number of students.
  • Members of this group are expected to be leaders in the Choral program.
  • The state-run television network has started a program to use modern satellite technology to broadcast choral music into public schools.
  • During this period, he wrote practical choral and piano pieces suitable for his students.
  • His later full-length religious choral works were well received but have not entered the regular repertory.
  • There are usually eight choral services in the cathedral each week.
  • There is an annual choral meeting, among other music activities.
  • This practice is most commonly found in the context of choral music in England.
  • In addition to strong bands, the university is also recognized for outstanding choral performance.
  • He is a committed choral singer and member of the Church of England.
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Synonyms of choral

Meaning of choral

  • adjective Related to or written for or performed by a chorus or choir
    choral composition, choral ensemble