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  • Info CHOP is the acronym for a chemotherapy regimen used in the treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
  • I will chop down this tree and put it across your front door. Cited from Hazel Squirrel and Other Stories, by Howard B. Famous
  • Sometimes a black man and a white man chop down the same tree together.
  • He was there nearly two months, when he cut his foot while chopping wood. Cited from Studies in Forensic Psychiatry, by Bernard Glueck
  • I decided to see what your head was like to look at before chopping it off. Cited from Everyman's Land, by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  • Keep working it back and forth, chopping it each time until well mixed. Cited from Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book, by Mary A. Wilson
  • The art of wood-chopping has to be learned before one is born. Cited from Dick in the Everglades, by A. W. Dimock
  • When she appeared the next time she found him by the noise of his chopping. Cited from Golden Stories, by Various
  • While he was not looking his brothers fought over the fish and chopped it up.
  • You see he has already started to chop this tree down. Cited from Hazel Squirrel and Other Stories, by Howard B. Famous
  • His chops made him stand out in the clubs, and he developed a whole new following.
  • Only a man who was away chopping wood away from the village survived.
  • The reason that people cannot tell the difference is because this animal has been chopped off its head.
  • Their men could be seen chopping and fighting to get them apart. Cited from A Son Of The Sun, by Jack London
  • Chopping trees was the best way for a person to make money.
  • His teacher then sent him to the Moon to chop down the tree.
  • The band also revealed a special edition of the album which comes with a chopping board.
  • But I think you'd better go first and do some chopping. Cited from Ralestone Luck, by Andre Norton
  • The performance artist placed his left hand on a chopping board with the fingers spread.
  • You can get some bread and some chops and have them ready. Cited from L'Assommoir, by Emile Zola
  • You see him alone and ask him to chop some feed for your cattle. Cited from Blacksheep! Blacksheep!, by Meredith Nicholson
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Meaning of chop

  • noun The irregular motion of waves (usually caused by wind blowing in a direction opposite to the tide)
    the boat headed into the chop
  • noun A small cut of meat including part of a rib
  • noun A jaw
    I'll hit him on the chops
  • noun A tennis return made with a downward motion that puts backspin on the ball
  • noun A grounder that bounces high in the air
  • verb Cut into pieces
    Chop wood, chop meat
  • verb Move suddenly
  • verb Form or shape by chopping
    chop a hole in the ground
  • verb Strike sharply, as in some sports
  • verb Cut with a hacking tool
  • verb Hit sharply