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  • An actor whose name has already been taken must choose a new name.
  • The chairman of the council is chosen from among the council members each year.
  • Members choose to live near each other because of one or more common interests.
  • In other words, after looking at the case, they chose not to say anything.
  • These types are often chosen as family vessels, especially those in the range.
  • If women choose to leave before this, they do so against medical advice.
  • Many people choose to change their name when they marry, while others do not.
  • This feature allows parents to choose which shows their children can watch and record.
  • Love was no longer limited to one person, you could love anyone you chose.
  • Companies also have chosen to share the role between several actors during a performance.
  • Independence, however, was not a thing a land could choose on its own.
  • The president is elected every five years, and the vice president is chosen by the president.
  • He sent his best men to choose the exact site of the battle.
  • He could do four shows a week, if he chose, and then take a month off.
  • A general election is an election in which all or most members of a given political body are chosen.
  • His father wanted him to go into the family real estate business, but he chose law instead.
  • Green was chosen for its association with nature, health, and growth.
  • He chose the name because many of his songs were inspired by his childhood.
  • If they choose not to, they must write one research paper.
  • Why then did he choose to write his books in, effectively, his third language?
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Meaning of choose

  • verb Pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives
    Take any one of these cards, Choose a good husband for your daughter, She selected a pair of shoes from among the dozen the salesgirl had shown her
  • verb Select as an alternative over another
    I always choose the fish over the meat courses in this restaurant, She opted for the job on the East coast
  • verb See fit or proper to act in a certain way; decide to act in a certain way
    She chose not to attend classes and now she failed the exam