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  • Her head is bowed and her left hand is placed under her chin.
  • She's about the same build, and she has the same number of chins. Cited from Torchy As A Pa, by Sewell Ford
  • These Chins and their guns are very little good except at a sitting shot. Cited from Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents, by H. G. (Herbert George) Wells
  • We stood in a circle and chinned each other until peace was restored. Cited from The Cruise of the Kawa, by Walter E. Traprock
  • So that they have a week's black growth on their chins. Cited from Twilight in Italy, by D.H. Lawrence
  • The chin and throat are white, the bill red, the eyes dark brown.
  • The field was dominated by the large area surrounding the chin up bar.
  • At the same time the head should be brought so far down that the chin comes up against the chest.
  • The sides of its head and chin are a dark shade of blue.
  • When he sits, one knee is under his chin and the other behind his back.
  • However, the bullet went right through his chin and neck and did not kill him.
  • The face has no colour pattern, though its upper and lower lips and chin are pure white.
  • The raised area included two non-mobile goals at each end, and another raised area directly below the chin up bar.
  • If so, there were probably no words in the language good enough to describe a woman with three chins. Cited from The Life of Sir Richard Burton, Thomas Wright
  • The next week, she hit her chin during rehearsals when her partner dropped her on the floor.
  • You are a child, you are not a man, you have no beard on your chin!
  • The lower parts of the body are pale brown, becoming lighter towards the chin.
  • If the piece be comic they laugh till their chins are out of joint. Cited from Tales of Old Japan, by Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford
  • And though he was only twelve he had two chins. Cited from Seven O'Clock Stories, by Robert Gordon Anderson
  • Several individuals have been seen with a white lining around the mouth and chin.
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Synonyms of chin

Meaning of chin

  • noun The protruding part of the lower jaw
  • verb Raise oneself while hanging from one's hands until one's chin is level with the support bar