childless brother

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  • In 1851, he inherited his childless brother's title and also became a General that year.
  • Upon his childless brother's death in 1900, he inherited the family title and estates.
  • Lord Charles's second son succeeded his childless brother as Duke of Wellington in 1900.
  • Thomas inherited the earldom after the death of his childless brother, Charles in 1679.
  • Sancho had two illegitimate sons, Sancho, who later succeeded him, and William, who likewise succeeded his childless brother.
  • He died in March 1824, followed a month later by his childless brother, Prince Friedrich Ludwig.
  • He succeeded in the earldom on the death of his childless brother Charles on 5 February 1917.
  • In 1678, upon the death of her childless brother-in-law, Francis, the couple became known as Lord and Lady Russell.
  • In 1692, he succeeded his childless brother Frederick as Duke of Augustenburg.
  • Her son Saul was the heir presumptive to her childless brother, Stephen II of Hungary.
  • William Leveson-Gower, who succeeded to his childless brother's earldom in 1939.
  • After the death of her childless brother Sigismund II Augustus in 1572, she considered her son to have rights to the Polish throne through her.
  • In 1944, he finally succeeded to the Earldom of Lonsdale on the death of his childless brother, Hugh.
  • On 4 March 1866 he inherited the earldom of Beauchamp on the death of his childless brother.
  • According to the 1797 Pauline Laws his childless brother Constantine had been heir presumptive since Alexander's accession.
  • In 1975, he had succeeded to his childless brother's baronetcy and on his own death in 2003, aged 98, his title passed to his son, Mark.
  • Thus he maintained with the Rabbinites, against Anan, that the obligation to marry the widow of a childless brother extended only to the brother of the deceased and not to his further relations.
  • He inherited the Earldom of Annesley created for his childless brother through the terms of the special remainder, as well as the Viscountcy of his father, in 1802.
  • Beresford inherited the marquessate from his childless brother in 1859.
  • When Lord Herbrand inherited his childless brother's titles in 1893, she was styled as the Duchess of Bedford.
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