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  • He was the son of parents who had been childless into middle age.
  • When she died he then married her sister, who died childless.
  • It is believed that childless women that put their hands on the stone would soon bear a child.
  • The marriage was childless for eight years until a son was born.
  • His wife died about a decade later, leaving him childless and alone.
  • He was said to be childless at that time of his life.
  • When he heard that she and her husband were childless, he blessed them with children.
  • Richard died childless and was succeeded as earl by his half-brother Henry.
  • The play tells the story of a childless woman living in rural Spain.
  • When he died childless, the title passed to his uncle, the fourth Earl.
  • He was childless and was succeeded by his younger brother, the fourth Duke.
  • The story begins with an old, childless couple who live alone.
  • As they are childless, he hopes they will support his plans.
  • Albert however died childless the next year and all his lands fell back to his elder brother.
  • However, once the marriage was made final, they could only divorce if the woman was childless.
  • Her uncle was childless, so she was given to be raised by her aunt and uncle.
  • However, she died childless not too long after the marriage and was left hopeless.
  • Childless adults can access information they have a right to see without having to identify themselves.
  • Their marriage was childless, and they eventually adopted an orphaned seven-year-old girl.
  • Their marriage remained childless and they were also both very unhappy.
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