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  • I was a child in my feeling toward you no longer, with childish thoughts. Cited from Vesty of the Basins, by Sarah P. McLean Greene
  • They find curious childish writing on the walls where these activities have taken place.
  • She was, however, one of those who will be childish as long as they live. Cited from Hubert's Wife, by Minnie Mary Lee
  • She comes into conflict with her son over a childish fight, and her husband is killed.
  • He sometimes acts very childish and feels like everything he does is right.
  • All too often, his responsibilities include taking care of his childish half-brother.
  • We all get older and have to put away childish things.
  • She is childish in nature, and has wings that are too large for her body.
  • A man must put away childish things, the speech and understanding and thought of a child. Cited from Friendship, by Hugh Black
  • She is very tall and beautiful, yet acts somewhat childish, which makes her popular among her students.
  • She is in fact extremely childish due to her young age.
  • It is the same with the education of either children or of childish nations. Cited from Seen and Unseen, by E. Katharine Bates
  • We hear the voice (over) of an old man singing a childish song.
  • What seems wonderful and perfect to us now, probably will seem childish in a few hundred years.
  • After this to doubt would have been childish; as a fact he had no more than the boys. Cited from Little Novels of Italy, by Maurice Henry Hewlett
  • She also has a childish personality despite living for so long.
  • Another reason they were not seen as childish is due to the lyrics of their songs they performed.
  • It really makes me quite angry that you can be so foolish, so childish! Cited from The Home or, Life in Sweden, by Fredrika Bremer
  • His recklessness makes him the most childish member along with his way of speaking.
  • What you did when first you got your reason, your childish acts, are passed away, but not the results. Cited from The Village Pulpit, Volume II. Trinity to Advent, by S. Baring-Gould
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