child care

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  • The day care center must also provide child care services to the general public.
  • The original station building is now used as a child care centre.
  • Last year, we helped parents provide child care for about two million children. Cited from Complete State of the Union Addresses
  • She has also written widely on child care and early education policy and practice.
  • The school also provides a pre-school and after hours child care.
  • Out of schools hours child care is provided through the school.
  • The day care center must provide child care away from their homes.
  • The child care workers force him to sleep in his own room.
  • She also created the first emergency child-care program in a law firm.
  • These women lived in small urban areas which low, or bad child-care facilities.
  • Families make use of its pre-school and child care programs.
  • Child care programs present a critical opportunity for the promotion of child development.
  • She has spent her professional career in child care resources.
  • The cost of care in a family child care is lower on average than that of a center.
  • When it opened, the project had child care, health care and a public community room on site.
  • There are also extensive child care and aged care facilities in the area.
  • Primary schools both State and Community, a special school and child care facilities.
  • It will be turned into an early child care facility.
  • In this role she had responsibility for early childhood education and child care.
  • Professional women are still responsible for domestic labor and child care.
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