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  • More than once during those minutes his cheery laugh made itself heard again. Cited from The Keeper of the Door, by Ethel M. Dell
  • Most of them were very cheery, because things seem to be going well. Cited from Diary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front, 1914-1915, by Anonymous
  • She was quite cheery by the time her two visitors took their leave. Cited from The Keeper of the Door, by Ethel M. Dell
  • Cheery, when you may have been doing your best to make an impression! Cited from Leonie of the Jungle, by Joan Conquest
  • And his head fell to one side, his lips set in his cheery smile. Cited from The Last Shot, by Frederick Palmer
  • They were a cheery, pretty set, and we asked them where they were going. Cited from The Luck of Thirteen, by Jan Gordon and Cora J. Gordon
  • She enjoyed him more once his personal life was back in order and he was much more cheery.
  • Her face and ways are just as bright and cheery as can be. Cited from Letters of a Woman Homesteader, by Elinore Pruitt Stewart
  • He was quite cheery, and came in and out and did what he pleased. Cited from Across China on Foot, by Edwin Dingle
  • She knew that she should never forget that cheery smile or that white face. Cited from The Last Shot, by Frederick Palmer
  • The big rooms below, like her own room, looked very different in the morning light, even cheery. Cited from Red-Robin, by Jane Abbott
  • No one could be a cheerier companion than herself when she chose. Cited from Ships That Pass In The Night, by Beatrice Harraden
  • He was a great loss, as his bright and cheery nature helped all ranks. Cited from The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry, by F.L. Morrison
  • I do not remember the occasion when her entrance into a room had not made that room cheerier. Cited from Villette, by Charlotte Bronte
  • "I am glad to know that you will be in her cheery company." Cited from The Green Eyes of Bast, by Sax Rohmer
  • All faces are bright and cheery and many appear not seen before. Cited from Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 1 of 2), by Ida Husted Harper
  • "All ready are you, my boy?" said the old man, in his cheeriest voice. Cited from Toby Tyler, by James Otis
  • Then with cheery words on his lips he left him. Cited from "Contemptible", by "Casualty"
  • Like almost all our Local Officers, they are particularly cheery, friendly men and women. Cited from Authoritative Life of General William Booth, by George Scott Railton
  • He was surprised to find how, in those few short weeks, his cheery presence had won upon his heart. Cited from Culm Rock, by Glance Gaylord
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