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  • The older parts of the town have many characteristically wide and long streets.
  • Characteristically, this only leads to him throwing himself even further into his work.
  • In a word he is master of a fine art, man of fine character and characteristically German.
  • The face is characteristically heart-shaped and is white in most species.
  • His books are characteristically American, and he uses the events and characters of the hour with ability. Cited from Continental Monthly, Vol. 5, No. 6, June, 1864, by Various
  • His work is characteristically detailed and his forms delicate and often plant-like.
  • Each individual, shows one of these motifs characteristically, over a period of several months.
  • Characteristically, the size of the head is large compared to the body.
  • Characteristically, one hundred kids had been gathered during the debut training of the team.
  • The first group consists of two poems which characteristically start immediately.
  • It is usually of light construction, and these days characteristically made of some type of synthetic material.
  • Characteristically highly decorated, much care has gone into their making.
  • Whether from the side or below, flying males appear characteristically three-colored brown-grey-black.
  • He collapsed and died at his dinner table following a characteristically heavy meal.
  • In all cases, she characteristically includes her opinions and wit during these entertainment reports.
  • At the turn of the century, music was characteristically late Romantic in style.
  • These works contributed significantly to the development of the characteristically American form of musical comedy.
  • They number sometimes hundreds of members, of guns, as the fighting males are characteristically called.
  • Characteristically, they have (or had) one tower higher and stronger than the others.
  • It is written in his characteristically imaginative style, and has received generally positive reviews.
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Meaning of characteristically

  • adverb In characteristic manner
    he arrived characteristically late