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  • I never got a chance to talk to her or know about her.
  • I thought this was the last chance to set the record straight.
  • He claimed he had taken the chance to see the show being performed for himself.
  • The player whose turn it is always has the first chance to play cards.
  • When it was finally released late in the day, any chance of success was much more difficult.
  • However, the results were no better than chance, thus no one was awarded the prize.
  • Players take turns in order, with the initial player determined by chance before the game.
  • He did not withdraw, even though he had no chance of being elected.
  • And when you work with that kind of feeling, you can take chances.
  • She was never lonely, since she never had the chance to be alone.
  • Now, there was an excellent chance he would be turned in.
  • Those who share a similar class situation also share similar life chances.
  • "If you can, I know a first-rate chance to get into business." Cited from Choice Readings for the Home Circle, by Anonymous
  • I did not have a chance to see exactly which ones.
  • But then there is no more chance involved.
  • I have had a good education, and I have a first-rate chance of making my way up. Cited from The Dash for Khartoum, by George Alfred Henty
  • Those were the kind of chances we took first season that when they worked, they worked great.
  • The thing that attracted the player was the chance that ultimately he would receive something for nothing.
  • By chance, her father is there as well, dressed in a fine suit.
  • She began to understand the impact of life chances and living conditions on children.
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Meaning of chance

  • noun A risk involving danger
    you take a chance when you let her drive
  • verb Be the case by chance
    I chanced to meet my old friend in the street