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  • Info A champion (from the late Latin campio) is the victor in a challenge, contest or competition.
  • The town is home to the past and current world champion musical saw players.
  • At the end of a season, the top team is declared the champion.
  • There is currently no national tournament to determine a national high school champion.
  • This was the first time a computer had ever defeated a world champion in match play.
  • They have been in seven league finals, and have been champions three times.
  • Champions remained on the program for up to five days unless defeated.
  • In a close race with world champions Canada, they again won gold.
  • He left it as a member and four-time champion of a major athletic conference.
  • This brought them Champions League football for only the second time in their history.
  • That year he also became Dutch national all-around champion for the second time in his career.
  • More state champions than any other school in the state.
  • She was the junior Dutch all-around champion and won three event finals.
  • And poor people around the world lost a champion.
  • Gabriel has been a champion of world music for much of his career.
  • The boys' team came one win away from state, but were district champions that same year.
  • Light-weight champion, or he was for a minute or so. Cited from Winner Take All, by Larry Evans
  • This view was opposed by another group of players which included eight former national singles champions.
  • If they had won, they would have been world champions.
  • The episodes marked the first time that all these champions came together for this kind of television competition.
  • It is generally believed that he began to lose ambition once he became world champion.
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Meaning of champion

  • noun Someone who has won first place in a competition
  • noun Someone who fights for a cause
  • verb Protect or fight for as a champion