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  • He was a popular leader among the people and came into power at a challenging time.
  • The next two and a half years proved to be the most challenging for the band.
  • He subsequently issued a statement saying he would be challenging the decision in federal court.
  • We're surprised he didn't try something more challenging for his debut.
  • The physical scale of the facility alone made the construction project challenging.
  • The bill would provide special standing for state officials in challenging proposed regulations.
  • It took years for cases challenging those laws to reach the Supreme Court.
  • The lack of financial resources and human energy made the organization of the Games challenging.
  • It's long but not challenging enough, it is just a small creek.
  • Passing first year is commonly considered as challenging and requires hard and continuous work.
  • Johnson later said the film was the most physically challenging of his career.
  • A more challenging test requires the student to perform without any preparation at all.
  • The expansion was not received with critical support, instead being regarded as average but at least challenging.
  • Nevertheless he steadily built his team into one capable of challenging for a European place.
  • The show is known to be able to go further in challenging current popular figures and thought than many other forms of media.
  • The n-body solution was considered very important and challenging at the close of the 19th century.
  • Many companies find it challenging to get marketing and sales on the same page.
  • The task being done needs to call upon higher skill and be a bit difficult and challenging yet still possible.
  • To make things more challenging, most of the settlers had no prior farming experience.
  • As items are collected, they are carried to the next level, each usually more challenging than the last.
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Root form of challenging is challenge for the verb.

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Synonyms of challenging

Meaning of challenging

  • verb Take exception to
    She challenged his claims
  • verb Issue a challenge to
    Fischer challenged Spassky to a match
  • verb Ask for identification
    The illegal immigrant was challenged by the border guard
  • verb Raise a formal objection in a court of law