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  • Early in his career, the first one-man chainsaws became available.
  • The majority of chainsaws are designed to be used by a right handed person.
  • Chainsaws incorporate numerous safety features common to many engine-driven power tools.
  • This saw is widely regarded as one of the most recognizable and well-known chainsaws of all time.
  • While thinking of a way to get through the crowd, he spotted chainsaws for sale.
  • This article is about risk control methods specific to chainsaws and chainsaw operations.
  • Here he became interested in chainsaws and their potential in sculpting art.
  • She chainsaws his head in half killing him.
  • Beard built the company into the fourth largest maker of chainsaws in the world.
  • Chainsaws have made appearances in cartoon series, usually as a source of comedy.
  • Members of military engineer units are trained to use chainsaws.
  • Her machine is best known for the chainsaws attached onto the arms, which makes her a deadly opponent when close-up.
  • Although not seen on all chainsaws, when present chainsaw dogs are mounted where the bar meets the power head.
  • Larger mills use two chainsaws, one on either side of the attachment and these require two operators.
  • They are most often seen operating chainsaws at Cut and Stack sites.
  • With little effort, he chainsaws off his arms and head, and destroys the zombie.
  • During the start of the game enemies are usually armed with guns, bombs, or chainsaws if they are armed at all.
  • The trio also appear, without chainsaws but still in character, on the record sleeve for the single.
  • Special chainsaws can cut concrete, brick and natural stone.
  • City workers used a bulldozer and chainsaws to clear away remaining barricades from the previous night's advance.
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Root form of chainsaws is chainsaw for the noun.

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