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  • Her chainsaw art has been featured on recent television programs.
  • Experience has shown that most chainsaw injuries to the hands occur on the back of the left hand.
  • He later discovered the chainsaw he used as a weapon after searching the now abandoned factory.
  • There was much debate surrounding whether to turn on the chainsaw and whether they would be shot at for doing this.
  • They leave their truck by the side of the road and walk into the nearby woods with a chainsaw.
  • The hunter used a chainsaw to attempt cutting a path in the ice leading to open water.
  • They wait by the door until Leatherface comes out with his chainsaw to kill them.
  • Additional safety features are a significant commercial advantage to chainsaw producers.
  • The bark can become hard enough to cause sparks when cut with a chainsaw.
  • He eventually finds his clothing, his boomstick and his chainsaw in the process.
  • They are all in a house while a gimped man with a chainsaw is outside the house.
  • Chainsaw training is designed to provide working technical knowledge and skills to safely operate the equipment.
  • Special fabrics have been developed for chainsaw clothing, and this development is still very active.
  • The house originally set across the street from the Chainsaw house, on Quick Hill Road.
  • This larger style of mill requires a special bar which allows the two chainsaw heads to be attached at either end.
  • This article is about risk control methods specific to chainsaws and chainsaw operations.
  • They also report hearing voices and the sound of a chainsaw.
  • The band members wear white sheets on stage, and performances have included blood, animal parts and a chainsaw.
  • He was a film crew member on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.
  • Soon, he reveals his chainsaw which he has been hiding behind his back and saws both of her arms off.
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