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  • They have just a single chainring and a single rear sprocket, almost always with a straight chain path between the two.
  • The position of the chainring makes it particularly susceptible to rock strikes in this kind of riding.
  • The smallest chainring usually has the least, if any shaping.
  • The front crankset typically has only one chainring.
  • Many cyclo-cross bicycles are now set up with a single chainring and chain "drop" guards.
  • The inner level was driven by the chainring and the outer drove the rear cog.
  • Most modern bicycle chains used with a single chainring and single rear sprocket are conventional industrial bushing chain.
  • The chainring, sprocket and chain should all be the same width.
  • The chain should run straight from the chainring to the sprocket, therefore both must be the same distance away from the bicycle's centerline.
  • A planetary-gear crankset offers two different gear ratios with just one chainring.
  • The chainring should be checked similarly for any damage.
  • Some chainrings can be outfitted with a chain guard -- a plastic or metal ring slightly larger in diameter than the chainring.
  • Typically the gearing has a triple chainring similar to mountain bicycles, whereas most road bicycles have only two chainrings.
  • The middle chainring, in the case of a triple crankset, usually has the most shaping to aid in shifting up and down.
  • They are also often used on trials bikes for a similar purpose-to protect the chain and chainring-although they are often used as a tool to get up and over obstacles.
  • One common example of this is the spacing of bicycle chainring bolts, which are sold in several different formats.
  • A full guard prevents oil stains on clothes, and keeps trouser legs from getting caught in the chain or front chainring.
  • Front/rear measurement only considers the sizes of a chainring and a rear sprocket.
  • Most modern two-chainring cranks use either a 110mm or 130mm bolt circle diameter.
  • As well, finetuning the combination of chainring, cog, and chain length may suffice until the chain develops significant wear.
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