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  • Chainrai then cancelled his offer, leaving the PST's offer as the only one remaining.
  • When the owner failed to pay meet a scheduled loan repayment, Chainrai took over control of the club.
  • Chainrai says he will do everything to protect Portsmouth from liquidation in the future.
  • When the owner failed to meet a scheduled loan repayment, Chainrai took control of the club.
  • It is currently unclear whether the damages awarded to Chainrai had been paid.
  • Chainrai had 28 days to make good on the proposal and start the process of bringing the club out of administration.
  • If Chainrai took Portsmouth over, the PST could do a deal with him directly to buy the club.
  • Chainrai has agreed terms to take over Pompey for a second time after negotiations with David Lampitt.
  • In August Appleton said he was willing to work with Chainrai despite this disagreement.
  • It was revealed just hours later that Portsmouth had finally come out of administration, with Balram Chainrai regaining control of the company.
  • Chainrai is known in the United Kingdom as the owner of the first Premier League team that entered administration, and his involvement caused many protests from supporters.
  • On 4 February, Portsmouth was taken over by its fourth owner in one season: Balram Chainrai.
  • Having finally come out of administration on 23 October 2010, Portsmouth confirmed the sale of the club back to Chainrai.
  • Whilst Chainrai has been vocal in his denial of the assertion, he has not been as forthcoming about his previous dealings with Gaydamak.
  • While the press called him the "owner" of the club, Chainrai initially rejected this label and maintained that he was only protecting his investment and that he was a reluctant owner.
  • The deal was delayed, however, due to Chainrai's refusal to reach an agreement to the sale of Fratton Park, the club's stadium.
  • Under Chainrai's ownership Portsmouth became the first ever Premier League club to enter administration, on 26 February 2010.
  • Deepak Chainrai is a Hong Kong based businessman who owns a string of fitness chains.
  • Within weeks, al-Faraj 'defaulted' on his payments, causing Chainrai to assume possession Falcondrone, and thus the football club.
  • Soon after, Chainrai's bid to buy Portsmouth failed to meet approval by The Football League, because he wouldn't pass their 'owners and directors' test.
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