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  • Chainpur is an ancient market place of the eastern region of Nepal.
  • The fort at Chainpur is also a place worth visiting.
  • Chainpur and its surrounding areas are a flat alluvial plain forming part of the Kosi river basin.
  • The news of the battle of Chainpur reached the Sikkim palace.
  • Dr. P. N. Saxena took early education first in his hometown village Bithri-chainpur.
  • It links Sankhuwasabha with the national road network and was built to allow access between Khandbari and Chainpur.
  • It is about two times bigger than Bhandara and Khairahani and similar in area as Chainpur.
  • The Gorkhali forces made their way to Chainpur again and were killed in an ambush and guerrilla warfare.
  • During this first battle of Chainpur, the battlefield was the area between Chainpur and Dumja.
  • Chainpur is situated 11 km to the west of Bhabua headquarters.
  • A NGO by the name SAMADHAN CHAINPUR is operating from this village.
  • He built two big forts in Phedap (present day Terhathum district) and Chainpur (present day Sankhuwasabha district).
  • Chainpur has been famous for hundreds of years for karuwa special kind of water mug with pipe tap sculptured with artistic carving on exterior of it.
  • By this time, the Gorkhas declared ceasefire with the Limbus and the battle of Chainpur came to an end.
  • King Sirijung constructed two big forts at present-day Sirjung in Terhathum district and Chainpur in Sankhuwasabha district.
  • Chainpur block (Palamu district) is one of the administrative blocks of Palamu district, Jharkhand state, India.
  • To the east Dumri has Chainpur block, north border has Mahuwadanr (Palamau district) and south-west has the border of Chhatisgarh.
  • Chainpur, Bagmati is a village development committee in Dhading District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal.
  • Siddhakali is market center in Chainpur Municipality in Sankhuwasabha District in the Kosi Zone of north-eastern Nepal.
  • Siddhipokhari is market center in Chainpur Municipality of Sankhuwasabha District in the Kosi Zone of north-eastern Nepal.
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