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  • It is therefore ideal where a low level of security is required but where chainlink fencing is too easily overcome.
  • Sections of the upper part are closed off with chainlink fencing.
  • Bradshaw made many works using chainlink tapestries, made link by link, within whole room installations.
  • Chainlink fences block the approaches, and tree branches have fallen across the bridge.
  • She wields a double bladed naginata, which she can separate and chainlink to its bar.
  • The Chainlink is a Chicago-area biking community and political activist group.
  • The depot building is closer to the tracks and their chainlink fencing than it is to Water Street.
  • A chainlink fence is on the south, a parking lot in the rear and the front has a small lawn.
  • The original perimeter chainlink fence is still up, and there are still signs warning against photography without permission of the commander.
  • While Dule could hide his powers, Chainlink could not and was forced to hide in the shadows.
  • Weldmesh is a relatively cheap fencing solution but has the advantage over chainlink wire of not bending so easily and not being so easily cut.
  • Common forms of temporary fencing include a variety of plastic fencing or panels constructed of chainlink, steel or wire.
  • His body armor is composed of a mesh-woven, kevlar, chainlink mail, capable of stopping small arms fire.
  • Afterwards, the lands were covered in landfill and secured behind a chainlink fence to ensure the long-term prevention of contact between the affected ground and human beings.
  • Chainlink fence separated the bleachers from the reserved sections and was the only section of seating not covered by at least part of the roof.
  • The first approach to protect warships was chainlink nets strung from the sides of battleships, as defense against torpedoes.
  • Maya manages to evade the police by getting over the chainlink fence, but her brother isn't so fortunate; he gets arrested and brought down to the station.
  • After Dule attempted to kill Chainlink but failed, the two had a final showdown at the football stadium, where Chainlink was eventually defeated and taken away by the police.
  • Jealous of the success and fame of his brother's football career, Chainlink attempted to extort Dule into giving him 90% of all his earnings.
  • They are complemented by modern chainlink fences on the south and east; a row of Eastern Hemlock shrubs sets off the right-of-way at the northwest corner.
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