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  • Info Chainfire is the ninth book in Terry Goodkind's epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth, and the first in a trilogy.
  • Though she appears in Chainfire, Rachel has a significantly greater role in Phantom.
  • Because of the Chainfire enacted on Kahlan, no one should be able to know she exists.
  • At the time I recognized three of these roughs as perfect for the Chainfire Trilogy.
  • The web is meant to examine the Chainfire spell and see if there is any way to undo it.
  • She is one of the few people not affected by the Chainfire spell and her abilities are similar to Shota's.
  • The story continues with Richard's quest to find his wife, Kahlan, and release her from the Chainfire spell.
  • Chainfire continues the story of Richard in his attempt to teach the people that their lives are theirs alone, and that they can be free of the Imperial Order.
  • To remove the Chainfire spell, Richard must use the magic of Orden.
  • However this feature is rarely seen on pepperboxes, although some had the nipples placed in recesses or at right angles to each other to reduce the chance of a chainfire.
  • Later, Richard realizes that the Sword of Truth protected him from the Chainfire spell, which is why he was still able to remember Kahlan.
  • Multi-shot percussion firearms were often considered dangerous because firing one powder charge could ignite the others (a "chainfire"), all at the same time, when proper care was not taken.
  • In the library, Jillian discovers a book titled Chainfire.
  • The Chainfire spell put in place over her destroys memories, not just overlap them or bury them; Kahlan will never remember any of them, even Richard, ever again.
  • He also captures Kahlan, him being able to see her because he was linked to the Dark Sister when they performed the Chainfire spell on Kahlan, and was therefore unaffected by it.
  • She also learns about the Chainfire spell, about how it was used to obliterate everyone's memory about Kahlan, and that the Boxes of Orden were created in opposition to it.
  • He also uses Orden to repair the damage caused by the chimes, and to send Chainfire to the new world he has created, ensuring the complete removal of magic from that world, and removing all its inhabitants' memories of their previous world.
  • A continuation of the story in Chainfire, Phantom begins with Richard Rahl searching for his wife, Kahlan Amnell, whom only he remembers.
  • Shota then utters the words "Chainfire" and "The Deep Nothing" and tells Richard to "beware the four-headed viper".
  • A chainfire in a pepperbox would be far less dangerous than in a single-barreled revolver because with a pepperbox, each of its bullets could freely exit its own dedicated barrel (essentially turning it into an impromptu volley gun).
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