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  • After only serving for nearly two years, the former governor was returned to Spain chained.
  • She is still chained up and this means death for her.
  • Today the library is one of the few remaining examples of a chained library located within a school.
  • Therefore she was ordered to be bound and chained to a post until her behavior changed.
  • They want to silence us, to make us go veiled and chained through life.
  • He was also forced to sleep chained to his bed to stop him from escaping.
  • These sequences may also be chained together into a song in a live and immediate way.
  • He tells them to help free the other poor kids who are chained all over the mansion.
  • And in effect you are chained down by your inability to say what you feel or go after what you want.
  • One significant weakness of chained weapons in general is a lack of control.
  • These attacks can also be chained for a higher score.
  • The captive had his hands chained above the level of his heart.
  • They were chained standing and with their hands tied behind them to posts in the prison.
  • Because of their low power consumption several units can be daisy chained to one power supply.
  • There she would be chained to the wall with a leg iron.
  • There is no real combo ability but some attacks can be chained together.
  • She protected an old tree (she even chained herself to it when some workers tried to cut it down).
  • The chained Song ships could neither support the middle or retreat.
  • They can be chained and composed together to form more complex animations.
  • When he is first challenged outside, however, he finds the doors chained.
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Root form of chained is chain for the verb.

Synonyms of chained

Meaning of chained

  • verb Connect or arrange into a chain by linking
  • verb Fasten or secure with chains
    Chain the chairs together