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  • In a plan view, chainage generally increases from left to right, or from the bottom to the top of the plan.
  • During construction, structures would then be located in terms of chainage, offset and elevation.
  • The direction of the chainage is usually chosen with consideration of geographical position of the project, with the numbers either increasing or decreasing.
  • Chainage (distance) markers are still visible on the Eastern wall.
  • It is an example of the chainage system, instead of the milepost or mileage system.
  • "Chainage" may also be referred to as "Station".
  • It was located on the town side of the railway tracks at about the 95.0 km point of the current chainage of the line.
  • The chainage on the Tauber Valley Railway and the line to Nuremberg starts at the station.
  • The reported traffic volume gradually decreases as the motorway chainage increases and as it passes by various major destinations and the interchanges that serve them.
  • Nevertheless, the official chainage still starts in Roggenstein.
  • Offset is said to be "left" or "right" relative to someone standing on the chainage line who is looking in the direction of increasing chainage.
  • By extension, chainage (running distance) is the distance along a curved or straight survey line from a fixed commencing point, as given by an odometer.
  • Those sections are not described by publications in such great detail as the previous one, although Sokolovac motorway exit is defined by means of its chainage and slip road.
  • The line's chainage is measured from Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt station.
  • On new railway lines built in the United Kingdom such as HS2, the position along the alignment is still referred as a "chainage" although the value is now defined in metres.
  • Abney levels typically include scales graduated in measure degrees of arc, percent grade, and in some cases, grade in feet per surveyor's chain, and chainage correction.
  • The property boundary is at the 3.537 km chainage mark (at the north head of the Rhine bridge).
  • The only portion that is used by passenger trains is between Bergheim Martinswerk (formerly a junction, still a point where the chainage changes) and Horrem station.
  • Since railways are entirely linear in topology, the "mileage" or "chainage" is sufficient to identify a place uniquely on any given route.
  • Even today, however, the chainage markers (used for locating points on the line) on the three sections of line are measured from Cologne-Deutz along the old route.
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