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  • Series of long chain links were also used in a similar way.
  • An iron gate has replaced the old chain-link face at the players' entrance into the stadium.
  • The school borders a forest on one side with a chain link fence.
  • He is often shown in murals with long white hair and holding some chain links from his bridges.
  • A chain link ferry between the island and the mainland was installed around this time.
  • Until mid-2009, a single chain-link fence marked the international border within the park.
  • Those have since been removed, leaving just a chain-link fenced, rectangular football/soccer field.
  • Each wrapper can be used to make two chain links.
  • He tried to escape during duty hours by scaling a chain link fence at the edge of the island.
  • The outside fence is also a heavy-duty chain-link fence.
  • During that year the district installed a chain link fence.
  • The pole crushed a section of chain-link fence and came to rest on the playing field just behind third base.
  • A new masonry wall was added, and the chain-link fencing was also replaced.
  • Much of the theme park sat undisturbed yet neglected behind a chain-link fence.
  • The station's bus terminals were converted into chain-link prison cells that could hold up to fifteen prisoners each.
  • Next to this structure, behind a chain link fence lies a Superfund site.
  • The remaining sides of the cemetery are closed off from the surrounding neighborhood by chain link fencing.
  • It is separated into three sections by two chain-link fences.
  • A temporary jail was constructed of chain link cages in the city train station.
  • These are installed by driving pipe deep into the ground, which is how chain link fence has been installed for years.
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