chain acyl-CoA

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  • They had to control the entire supply chain from above, instead of from within.
  • The chain's image has also made it popular in more non-traditional ways.
  • This is usually the next officer in the chain of command.
  • If the chains are long enough then this player will certainly win.
  • They would have escaped if not for the chain that bound them to the wall.
  • The chain's only worth about six-fifty and I can prove it. Cited from By Advice of Counsel, by Arthur Train
  • White has one four-stone chain and three one-stone chains.
  • Is it the kings will that I should be thus chain'd? Cited from Old English Plays, Vol. I, by Various
  • Black has one three-stone chain, one two-stone chain, and two one-stone chains.
  • Fish that are higher on the food chain are less efficient sources of food energy.
  • The store marked that chain's return to Florida after a ten-year absence.
  • Each heavy chain has two regions, the constant region and the variable region.
  • THUS to be chain'd for ever, can I bear? Cited from The Poems of Goethe, Transl. Edgar Alfred Bowring
  • Supply chain management is the management of such a chain.
  • Several other chains remain active, and some have been upgraded for continued use.
  • For this reason, a simple program is used first when testing a new tool chain.
  • Here the second term was computed using the chain rule and third using the product rule.
  • It is usually just a large block of concrete or stone at the end of the chain.
  • After only serving for nearly two years, the former governor was returned to Spain chained.
  • KFC was the first American style fast food chain to open in both countries.

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