certify all

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  • They were ordered by the state supreme court to certify all the results.
  • Even if rations go on, I can certify all the extras for you. Cited from The Secret of the Tower, by Hope, Anthony
  • The seal shall be used to certify all official acts of the commissioner of deeds.
  • However NNQAA does not certify all government-sponsored institutions.
  • In 1986, military emergency rooms were required to certify all medical technicians through NREMT.
  • During his term, state senator William Goebel proposed an election law that created a state Board of Elections which was empowered to appoint all election officers in every county and certify all election results.
  • Another major update in 2011 resulted in the launch of BREEAM New Construction, which is now used to assess and certify all new UK buildings.
  • Considering these findings, Fuller writes that asking a foreign government to certify all of the components stipulated by the amendments is particularly onerous.
  • The president shall preside at the meetings of the board; appoint the various committees; certify all bills that have been recommended for payment by the board; prepare the annual report; see to the general enforcement of the rules; and perform such other duties as the board may direct. Cited from A Library Primer, by John Cotton Dana
  • Furthermore, producer Sunanda Murali Manohar attributed the delay to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), which unexpectedly went on to certify all language versions separately.