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  • In those cases the record will first be certified by the lower court.
  • While in high school he played football and became a certified radio engineer.
  • Voice was certified Gold in the UK within four weeks of its release.
  • Many states will not certify their results until late November or early December.
  • The structure of the church building certifies that it is very very old.
  • I came back the next day alone, to certify my great discovery. Cited from Bred in the Bone, by James Payn
  • They were ordered by the state supreme court to certify all the results.
  • Five months after its release, the album was certified gold.
  • Enough if we can certify that a very happy conclusion was the result. Cited from Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Vol. XXIII., by Various
  • In either case, the government must then certify the newly formed union.
  • Any student of the ordinary working of man's mind can certify that. Cited from Quiet Talks about Jesus, by S. D. Gordon
  • Afterwards she is a model student, and even certifies to become a school teacher.
  • While online training has become more popular, many certifying bodies will require additional practical training.
  • I take pleasure in certifying to the good work you are doing. Cited from People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English, by R.V. Pierce
  • He also asked to be certified as eligible for his regular flight pay.
  • She has since released six more English-language albums, two of which were certified Gold.
  • While being certified gold like its predecessor, it also failed to match the success of his debut.
  • Beginning sales for the album were very strong; however, the album failed to be certified.
  • All of them, I can certify now, are very true books and pictures.
  • Nevertheless, the group's debut album was certified gold in the summer.
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Meaning of certify

  • verb Guarantee payment on; of checks
  • verb Guarantee as meeting a certain standard
    certified grade AAA meat
  • verb Declare legally insane