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  • That is certainly what young people are being taught in school every day.
  • Certainly this was the case with church music from very early times.
  • It certainly made life on the run more dangerous and therefore more difficult.
  • I certainly use it more in the studio when you want to get a certain tone.
  • However the idea of personal style is certainly not limited to the Western tradition.
  • Six people will all certainly die if they are not treated with the drug.
  • The west front was almost certainly constructed at the same time as the cathedral.
  • The elections however have been described as only partly free but certainly not fair.
  • By the next month, there will certainly be no event.
  • If I could be an author like you I would certainly not be a manager.
  • If the chains are long enough then this player will certainly win.
  • It certainly threw her, but I think that what really happened was that she just gave up.
  • Whether that can be believed or not, quite certainly his mother had no notion of it.
  • There is certainly a lot written in medieval literature from that point on.
  • Certainly war with the combined might of the two powers would have been exceedingly difficult.
  • Certainly they were in evidence a thousand years earlier but these may have been largely imports.
  • It certainly forms part of the revolutionary culture of the period.
  • I think that by and large, the players, and certainly the ones I knew, are good people.
  • It is certainly not the last but subsequent stories rarely focus on it.
  • In this way he is certainly a difficult teacher, but in the end is usually found to be a good one.
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