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  • Living away from country in a centralised community much of the time has also meant changes.
  • Having the control of aircraft centralised in one place also put it at high risk.
  • Every department has its own computer centre apart from the centralised one.
  • All, however, had pay and conditions set through a centralised industry level agreement.
  • The islands, due to their relatively small size, could not fight against these highly centralised powers.
  • He failed, however, to bring the country under a single, centralised control.
  • His empire is not a centralised empire and only the army holds it together. Cited from The Schemes of the Kaiser, by Juliette Adam
  • At the same time it supported defence of private property and a centralised state.
  • The university has a centralised sport facilities, commonly known as the sports complex.
  • However, this move to a centralised administration created some resistance among the inhabitants.
  • The relations in DE are much more complex than those in a centralised economy.
  • Russia featured a more strong centralised government under the emperor.
  • This hospital should become the second largest hospital -with all services effectively centralised at one campus- of the country.
  • Larger tanks are commonly used where there is no access to a centralised water supply.
  • In each group, teams play each other once at a centralised venue.
  • Such structures were both based in the model of the French centralised State.
  • Such structures were both based on the model of the French centralised State.
  • Their status changed when they came under a single ruler who centralised their administration, reducing their powers.
  • Their services are provided through their website, a centralised contact centre and a number of offices around the country.
  • In contrast, there are also large centralised systems serving a number of properties.
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Root form of centralised is centralise for the verb.