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  • The complex will include a university, a research center and a medical centre.
  • The purpose or use of the remaining space in the center is unknown.
  • The campus consists of of office and data center space on of land.
  • This city is also the largest business center of the country.
  • China was also an important center for agricultural technology development during this period.
  • The house is a two story, five bay center hall structure.
  • It may also be called a center or location of the distribution.
  • Most are focused on the five men standing in the center of the room.
  • He also played part of the season as a back-up center during the early part of the season.
  • All of the Center's direct services are available free of charge.
  • Today, the city is a center for health care and several insurance companies.
  • Many German and international companies have business or service centers in the city.
  • The elements of the center are sometimes called central.
  • Many families travel to large medical centers to get the best treatment for their children.
  • It is a -story, five-bay center-hall building.
  • The arts center's children's gallery features the work of young artists.
  • It is a two-story, five-bay center passage structure built in two principal stages.
  • Visitors also can take part in free educational activities led by the center's staff.
  • The house is a five-bay center entrance building.
  • It has a traditional five bay center entrance plan.
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Root form of centering is center for the verb.

Words starting with centering

Meaning of centering

  • noun (american football) putting the ball in play by passing it (between the legs) to a back
    the quarterback fumbled the snap
  • verb Move into the center
    That vase in the picture is not centered