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  • International students from twenty different countries come to Centenary to complete their post-secondary education.
  • These games were thought at the time to be part of the centenary season of the club.
  • At the centenary of her life, a street and a girls' school were named after her.
  • He died in the year of his father's centenary.
  • In his first season in charge - the club's centenary - he won the Scottish Cup.
  • The following years created the habit of running on the occasion of a centenary of particular importance.
  • This date was also the centenary of the National Council of Education.
  • His own music was occasionally performed and he was commissioned to write a work for the Centenary Season.
  • There remain however some rare houses centenaries (one of maintained best gives on the round not principal of the city).
  • The appeal also went towards building the new Centenaries Theatre.
  • He has now resumed his former role, running the club's Centenary Club lottery.
  • The ceremony marked a centenary since the party's birth.
  • The book was published for the centenary of the company.
  • The Centenary Phantom can be distinguished from the standard car by several key features.
  • At its centenary in 1893 a new church building was added and the original chapel became the church hall.
  • Lie remained active as a public commentator and in politics after his retirement from party politics, and even after his centenary.
  • The local golf club has just celebrated its centenary.
  • He later wrote that publication's centenary history.
  • The charity is close to its centenary year and has grown to become the biggest ex-service establishment in the country.
  • From there the Imperial Service Club continues its activities, as it moves forward towards its own centenary.
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